Italian Design Factories ’19, 2019


Italian Design Factories ’19Italian Design Factories is the volume of the ‘Gold Series of Interni Magazine’ that collects and describes the leading companies in Italian design: product factories, emotions and culture, workshops in which ideas take shape, contributing to enriching the world in which we live. Presented in preview at the Salone del Mobile in Shanghai 2019, the volume is intended for the main design showrooms in Milan, London, New York, Miami, as well as being attached to the December 2019 issue of Interni. The first part of the book is introduced by the images of Gianluca Vassallo, visual artist who transforms the activities of corporate communication into moments of empathic relationship and investigation of meanings.

Interni Italian Design Factories I, 2019
We did: Graphic Concept, Art Direction, Book Design
Mood Images by: Gianluca Vassallo and White Box Studio